Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Introduction to the Knitting Nanny

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I'm doing an introductory post so everyone can get to know a little bit about me. My name is Sierra, I'm 23 years old with wild curly strawberry blonde hair. I have a bachelors degree in History, emphasis on the United States, from UC Merced and I am an absolute fanatic about knitting.

I live in Northern California been here my whole life. I'm from a small town, 500 kids in high school kind of small town. The town they talk about in country songs with the tractor traffic, you get the picture.

I work part-time at a fabulous LYS named Cloth Carousel Fiber Arts, we also have a quilt shop across the street. I've worked at the yarn store since 2012 and can't see my life any other way. I adore my job, everything about it. Day to day interaction with customers, helping people find exactly what they want, being able to order yarn for the shop instead of buying for my stash are just a few perks of my job. Along with working at Cloth Carousel I'm also a nanny! I have 15 month old twins name Max and Molly. I have been with them for a year already!


I'm excited to share my adventures in knitting with my current WIP's, FO, and digging through my stash to see what project I will work on next. Eventually I would love to be able to add my own patterns to the blog, but that's looking a fair bit into the future. Lets connect! My Rav ID is sierrak2010, my instragram name is theknittingnanny!

-Peace, Sierra 

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