Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finishes & Starts in Park City

My family and I visited Park City, Utah in the last week of March. It took us much longer driving from Cali to Park City than it took going back, I definitely blame the snow storm that followed us across the states.

Anyway, we were in Park City for four days without internet so a lot of knitting commenced. And reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, which I'm really enjoying! I was able to finish what I call my Disney Socks, Disney Socks because the pattern is Anastasia Socks and the yarn is Little Mermaid color way by Schaefer.


I felt a little sacrilegious combining the two disney aspects together...but not really. I really enjoyed this pattern though I opted not to do the toe in the pattern just using my regular Judy's Magic Cast-On. 

I really like that the swirl pattern was opposite on each sock, made it feel like it wasn't the exact same pattern. I would consider the yarn more of a sport weight than a sock, it weighed 140 grams for 405 yards, though I stayed with my usual US 1.5 needle. They are so soft and squishy! I didn't really love the color of the yarn until I started the socks, it definitely grew on me. Because the yarn is so squishy I had considered a shawl but these are not my colors. 

All in all I really enjoyed working with this yarn, too bad it's discontinued! I finished these on our last night in Park City so I cast on another pair with some of my favorite sock yarn. Knit Picks Felici, in Tea Party (can you see my color mood here?); In my knitting bag Spring has arrived! 

I cast on Nemesis by Susan Dittrich, I don't usually pair self-striping yarns and complicated patterns because you can't really see them, why put all that work in if you can't show off the pattern? Tea Party is so pastel that the pattern stands out! 

This is a charted pattern which started out a bit difficult for me, I much prefer a written to charted pattern. But after completing two full repeats I'm not having any difficulty with the pattern. I'm struggling a little with the fact that I do have to make a second one... they will get done. 

I'm keeping up with my goal of at least one pair per month for the year. I'll keep you updated! 

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