Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gradients in Pink

I am all about the ombre craze. I love the transition from one shade of the same color to another as well as the different color gradients. They speak to my color soul and make me ridiculously happy. My recent knit from ombre yarn was the Paperlace designed by Susan Gehringer for YOTH yarns.

I bought my "puppies" kit at Stitches West 2016. I was really excited to be able to pick up two different puppy gradients from the YOTH yarns booth. Last year I didn't visit them until the last day and they didn't have much yarn left.

The yarn base the gradient is dyed on is Big Sister a MCN blend, and it was Amazing! That touch of cashmere just really softens up the yarn and makes it a dream to knit with. A round and springy plied yarn with the gorgeous dye made the project that much better.

I had decided that I wanted the ombre to go from dark to light. So I started with my second darkest color at the cast-on edge and then knit up to the lightest. The pattern itself was really simple, a YO, K2Tog pattern repeat on every row. By the end it did get a bit boring but the color changes helped stave off the boredom. The shawl ends with the darkest color being the bind-off and the fringe, I think this really sets the shawl colors off. It has the feel of the ombre but isn't quite so traditional. The finished shawl is casual yet funky with the fringe (which actually took me the longest to do) and very easy to just wrap around my neck. Knitting = 1 week, time avoiding fringe = 3 weeks, actual fringe making = 2 hours.

The shawl grew an enormous amount during block, not even that aggressive of a blocking either. I just wanted to open up the lace a bit and make a more of a shawl than a shawlette. Also, the yarn bloomed wonderfully during the blocking process. I thought the yarn was great before, then I blocked it...even. better.

I loved every bit of this project and can't wait to use my second kit! I have a turquoise/blue-green kit that I haven't decided what to do with yet. I may make another one since this one turned out so great. I was able to wear my shawl out Friday evening to an outside dinner with my friend Claire. California actually got April showers so it was cool enough to wear it! Yay, it didn't have to wait until fall to be worn!

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